Welcome to Cat Care Center: Nurturing Cats, Enriching Communities

At Cat Care Center, our commitment extends beyond providing exceptional care for feline friends. We actively engage with our community and collaborate with esteemed organizations like Cat Haven, Companion Animal Alliance, and The Gardere Initiative to make a positive impact.

Community Involvement: A Collective Effort for Cats Everywhere

Our collaboration with Cat Haven involves fostering cats in our dedicated adoption room. You can check out our adoptable cats through our live cams: https://idogcam.com/idogcamlargeviewer.php?id=1967, showcasing a carefully designed space with a beautiful fish tank, cozy hides, climbing space, and an array of toys. This initiative allows Cat Haven to free up space in their shelter, enabling them to rescue even more cats.

Recently, we hosted a Christmas Birthday Party charity event, rallying support for animals at Cat Haven and Companion Animal Alliance, as well as collecting donations for children in need through The Gardere Initiative.

Philanthropy: Honoring Memories, Supporting Feline Health

In times of loss, we stand by our clients and their beloved cats. For every cat that passes away, Cat Care Center makes a donation to the EveryCat Health Foundation. This ensures that their memory lives on, contributing to the well-being of other cats in need.

You can learn more about EveryCat Health Foundation here: https://www.catcarecenter.com/everycat-health-foundation

Educational Outreach: Fostering Knowledge, Building Community

Cat Care Center's dedication to educational outreach goes beyond healthcare. We host a variety of engaging events aimed at fostering knowledge and community connections. 

Our Veterinary Student Learning Days offer aspiring veterinarians hands-on experience in feline care, providing unique insights into specialized cat health. 

We recognize the specific needs of elderly cats through our Senior Support Group, a free community meeting where owners of senior feline companions can share experiences and receive guidance. 

We also host shelter workshops which empower shelter staff to create a comfortable environment, making cats more adoptable. 

Interactive workshops, talks, and community engagement events round out our initiatives, providing valuable opportunities for learning and connecting with fellow cat enthusiasts. At Cat Care Center, we believe that an informed and connected community plays a crucial role in promoting the welfare of cats everywhere. You can see what events we have coming up here: https://www.catcarecenter.com/about-us/in-the-news

Thank you for being a part of the Cat Care Center family. Together, we're making a difference in the lives of cats everywhere.