Solensia: Calling all arthritic cats!

We are thrilled to finally officially announce the arrival of the new medication for pain associated with osteoarthritis in felines – Solensia! This long-awaited drug is the first and only FDA-approved drug specifically designed to control osteoarthritis pain. While cat osteoarthritis isn’t curable, the pain from it can now be effectively managed.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is degeneration of cartilage lining, which cushions joints. This can cause bone to rub on bone, resulting in restricted movement and pain. Solensia specifically targets this pain. It works similarly to your cat’s naturally made antibodies, targeting a key player in pain signaling.

Does my cat have arthritis?

Up to 92% of cats over the age of 10 have arthritis. Know the signs! Check out our arthritis checklist here.

Does Solensia really work?

77% of cat owners reported improvement in their arthritic cats, with increases in behaviors such as playing, grooming, and exploring within only 3 months!

How is Solensia administered?

Solensia is a quick once monthly injection, administered by your veterinarian (no daily pills, hooray)!

Is my cat a good candidate for Solensia?

Solensia is available now!

We would be more than happy to evaluate your cat for signs of arthritis and pain. If you think your cat may have arthritis, or if your cat is already diagnosed and you are interested in Solensia, contact us to schedule an appointment at 225-228-1039.


We are so excited to offer Solensia to our patients. We believe this drug will be able to give arthritic cats a much higher quality of life, strengthening their bond with their families.

For even more information on Solensia, check out Zoetis’ website here!

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