The 2020 hurricane season has been one of the most frightening yet. We seem to be headed toward a record-breaking year, with all 21 alphabet names used up - we’re now on to the Greek alphabet!

With that in mind, we’d like to talk about hurricane preparedness. Preparation is everything! Preparing in advance gives you time to get organized. You being less stressed and anxious means your pet will be less stressed and anxious!

Here are some tips we’ve compiled for you and your furry family members.



Before the storm:

Get a rescue alert sticker. (Make sure that it is easily visible! Place it on or near your front door window.)

  • If you evacuate with pets and time allows, write “evacuated” across stickers
  • Get a free sticker here!


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Arrange a safe haven.

DON’T LEAVE THEM BEHIND! If it isn’t safe for you, it isn’t safe for them.

  • Contact your vet for boarding options. If their area will be affected by the hurricane, make sure they have a generator if possible.

  • Find hotels or motels that are pet friendly. Have a list.

  • Ask friends or family if they are willing to take your pet. Make sure they know ahead of time special needs your pet may have.

  • Bring pets indoors at the first sign of storm or disaster - they can get lost or disoriented.