The Cat Care Center of Baton Rouge began as a heart whisper early on in Dr. Lacie Lee's journey to becoming a veterinarian. Dr. Lacie has always held a special place in her heart for cats and even contemplated feline only practice in 2002 when she graduated from Louisiana State University.

Dr. Lacie has spent many years as a small animal veterinarian with a specific focus on feline medicine, behavior and surgery. In August of 2017 she began to work with Cat Haven, Baton Rouge's feline only shelter, as a volunteer veterinarian.

This was the spark that truly clarified all of her passion for all things feline. In July of 2018 Dr. Lacie realized her dream of bringing a veterinary hospital specifically designed from the point of view of the cat, considering all things most important to the cat, as well as a place where the community can come together to share, bond, heal and love all things feline and the vision of Cat Care Center of Baton Rouge was born.

Cat Care Center embodies all the aspects of Dr. Lacie's passion for feline veterinary medicine- CCC- Compassionate Care and Customer Service. And the other three C's- Cats, Coffee and Crystals.

Cat Care Center is a team of feline-centric veterinary care professionals eager to create a unique feline only experience.